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AVCAL’s research programme compiles and publishes a wide range of statistics and research on the Australian private equity and venture capital industries. The programme’s key focus areas include:

  • Key statistics: fundraising, investment and exits
  • Performance benchmarks: the AVCAL/Cambridge Associates Australian PE and VC Index
  • Market promotion: industry fact sheets and investor relations resources
  • Education: conducting training and statistical briefing sessions
  • Topical research & surveys: research on topics of strategic importance and interest to members


AVCAL seeks to foster greater understanding of the Australian VC and PE industry through the provision of reliable data & statistics relating to the industry. AVCAL regularly produces a range of industry activity and performance data accessible by the general public. Where feasible (and where such information is not confidential) we also provide customised industry research on request, solely for our members. To get the most out of our research program, you should explore the benefits of membership.

Data collection programme

AVCAL's data collection programme consists of the collection of:

  1. Fundraising, investment and exit data from GPs via AVCAL's secure data collection platform; and
  2. Performance data collected by Cambridge Associates.

Exclusive for eligible PE and VC members

PE and VC firms who participate in our annual data collection exercise are eligible to receive premium research content and additional statistical briefings based on the data collected by AVCAL. This additional data includes, for example:

Fundraising, Investment and Divestment data

  1. VC Investments by Quarter
  2. PE Investments by Quarter
  3. VC Investments by Location of Portfolio Company
  4. PE Investments by Location of Portfolio Company
  5. Initial and Follow-on Investments
  6. Syndication of Investments
  7. Investments by type of financing instruments
  8. VC Fund Raising by Quarter
  9. PE Fund Raising by Quarter
  10. Average Fund Size by Year of Fund's Final Close (Calendar Year)
  11. Number of Funds Formed by Vintage Year (Calendar Year)
  12. Estimated PE Fund Terminations by Year, Number and Amount
  13. Estimated VC Fund Terminations by Year, Number and Amount
  14. Divestments by Exit Routes
  15. Divestments by Sector

Performance data

Eligible members will receive applicable index and benchmark statistics directly from Cambridge Associates.

Note: All due care is taken to ensure that confidential information provided by individual members is neither divulged nor identifiable through disclosed data aggregates.

Key contacts:
Kosta Sinelnikov, Senior Research Analyst:
General research inquiries: