AVCAL Data Collection

What is AVCAL PEREP_Analytics?

The AVCAL PEREP_Analytics platform is a web-based data collection platform capable of collecting, analysing and disseminating Australian PE and VC activity data. The platform was first developed by the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA). Since 2009, the AVCAL PEREP_Analytics platform has been a key element of AVCAL’s research and advocacy activities. Data from the platform underpins our research, including the Annual Yearbook and the Deal Metrics Study, and industry data in our Government submissions.*

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What is AVCAL PEREP_Analytics used for?

The AVCAL PEREP_Analytics platform collects fundraising, investment and divestment information directly from Australian PE and VC fund managers, along with Economic Impact Data such as employment and portfolio company financials. Submitting data into this platform is mandatory for AVCAL PE and VC members, as set out in AVCAL’s membership Code of Conduct. Since AVCAL’s PE and VC membership constitute the majority of the industry, and supplemented by known information on non-members’ activities, AVCAL’s database is widely regarded as the most representative and accurate source of data currently available on the Australian PE and VC industry.

Who has access to AVCAL PEREP_Analytics?

Australian PE and VC fund managers (both members and non-members of AVCAL) receive an invitation once a year to submit their data via the platform. The platform is however accessible to Australian PE and VC managers all year round.
If you are a PE or VC manager with an Australian office and have not received an invitation from AVCAL, and would like to submit your data, please contact the AVCAL Research team for your login details. Non-members who contribute their data will receive the same benefits of participation as AVCAL members (see below).

What are the benefits of participation?

1. Access to more detailed industry data (see here for details)
2. Complimentary pass to an industry statistical briefing by AVCAL following completion of the annual data collection exercise
3. Customized research reports by request

What are the platform’s privacy settings?

The contributor shall remain at all times the owner of the data submitted via AVCAL PEREP_Analytics. Data submitted by contributors via the AVCAL PEREP_Analytics platform will not be revealed in its raw form to any other members or to the public without the contributor’s permission. Data will only ever be revealed in aggregate, subject to strict aggregating rules to prevent identification of individual members’ activities. Within AVCAL, only the AVCAL Research team has access to the raw data submitted by AVCAL members.


Please log in to AVCAL's secure online platform at www.avcalresearch.com.au with the login details provided to you by the AVCAL Research Team. Tick the relevant survey year on the "Welcome" page, and commence filling in your data.

Note: you can input data into the platform any time throughout the year, not just during survey periods.

Validating pre-populated data: For your convenience, AVCAL pre-populates members' surveys based on public information. This pre-populated information is highlighted in pink. Sometimes a token amount of "1" or "0" is used where there is insufficient public information to arrive at a reasonable estimate. Please validate/edit this data as necessary.

Validating historical data pre-FY2009: As part of our ongoing data consolidation programme, AVCAL has been backfilling data on the online database for industry activity prior to FY2009 (when the online platform was launched), using public data and data provided directly by members in the past. You can view these by selecting the financial year you wish to view on the "Welcome" page and clicking "Save and Go to Next Page". Please validate/edit the backfilled data as necessary.

Excel submission option: Alternatively, you can opt to submit your data via an Excel survey spread sheet. Simply log in to the online platform as above, and download the Excel template from the link at the top right of the screen. Email the completed spread sheet to research@avcal.com.au.

Technical note on VC rounds: In the Investments section, please regard the number of VC investment rounds as "1" for a Series A round, "2" for a Series B round, and so on. For example, if you are participating for the first time in a Series B round:

"How many investment rounds has the company received in total (including this one)" = 2

"Of which total number of investment rounds your firm participated in (including this one)" = 1

Technical note for roll-ups/bolt-ons: For more accurate deal metrics reporting, roll-ups/bolt-ons of target companies are now clearly identified by their names as “Bolt-on Target Name (Bolt-on Group Name)” under the Portfolio Companies and Investments sections. These will appear as individual companies/investments in your platform interface. However, note that the total number of Portfolio Companies reported by AVCAL will not be affected by this, as AVCAL counts all companies in the same Bolt-on Group as a single consolidated company for statistical reporting purposes. For each subsequent bolt-on, please report the number of funding rounds the company has received as “+1” relative to the previous bolt-on/round.

Funds and Global Data: When entering information under the "Funds" tab (in both the "Funds under Management" and "Fundraising" sub-tabs), please note that you should only include funds that have investments in Australia. Information entered under the "Global Data" tab should only include funds specifically earmarked for Australian investment, or if that is not available then the actual cost of funds invested in Australia.

Arrangements with data vendors

Unless otherwise communicated to AVCAL, data provided via AVCAL PEREP_Analytics will automatically be securely transmitted to Thomson Reuters in order to allow Australian PE and VC activity to be comprehensively represented in the global Thomson database.

• Individual activity data (i.e. fundraising, investment and divestment data) provided by AVCAL contributors is to be used in Thomson Reuters' products only, and will not be forwarded to any other party;

• Thomson Reuters will not itself solicit survey activity information (i.e. fundraising, investment and divestment data) from AVCAL members without AVCAL's written consent;

• The above arrangement with Thomson Reuters applies only to members' Activity data submitted to AVCAL. For performance data (IRRs and realisation ratios), AVCAL's official industry benchmark performance data partner is Cambridge Associates.

Arrangements with data partners

Data provided in the Deal-by-deal section of the survey will be securely transmitted to EY, for use in producing the EY Exit Study Report. A non-disclosure agreement has been signed by AVCAL and EY which governs the provision of the aforementioned data. The data will not be forwarded on to any third party. The report will only publish data at the aggregated level, and confidentiality of your data is fully preserved under the terms of the non-disclosure agreement.

Confidentiality & Use of Data

Confidentiality of the data at the disaggregated level is fully preserved within the framework of the access rights granted by your firm (which remains the owner of your firm's data) to AVCAL. More details are available in the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom left of the online survey.

Sample platform view as seen by the contributor

AVCAL PEREP_Analytics - Investments

PEREP_Analytics is a joint statistics platform used by the following private equity associations: AVCAL (Australia), APCRI (Portugal), AVCO (Austria), BVA (Belgium), BVK (Germany), CVCA (Czech Republic), CVCA (Croatia), DVCA (Denmark), EstVCA (Estonia), EVCA (Europe), FVCA (Finland), HVCA (Hungary), IVCA (Ireland), LTVCA (Lithuania), NVCA (Norway), NVP (Netherlands), PSIK (Poland), SECA (Switzerland), SEEPEA (South Eastern Europe), SLOVCA (Slovakia) and SVCA (Sweden).

*PEREP - Private Equity Research Exchange Platform