These resources are provided to assist members meet various reporting and other requirements.

Valuation Guidelines released by the International Private Equity & Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines (IPEV) were adopted by AVCAL on 1 January 2006. These Guidelines have the support of most National PE & VC Associations globally. The Guidelines are based on the concept of fair market value, as opposed to historical cost. There is no substantive difference between these International Guidelines and the pre-existing AVCAL fair market value Guidelines. AVCAL asks each of its Investor Members to apply these Guidelines when reporting to Investors.

Reporting Guidelines were adopted by the AVCAL Council on 17 June 2004 with all members required to use them from 1 January 2005.

Other Guidelines and templates have been gathered for the benefit of members including:

  • AVCAL Management Equity Plan (MEP) template (AVCAL GP members only)
  • Anti-money Laundering
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • AVCAL Trust Deed
  • VCLP resources
  • Guide to Responsible Investment

Significant Investor Visa programme information and a list of complying funds are available and updated on a regular basis.

Case studies highlighting some well-known and recent deals involving private equity and venture capital fund managers are available. AVCAL is always seeking new case studies from members.

LP information slides are a set of tools for our members that provides information about the asset class and how investing in it can drive portfolio returns.

Useful links to other private equity and venture capital Associations and relevant Government bodies have also been collated.