AVCAL awards recognise performance

15 June 2011

AVCAL, the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, is calling for nominations for its 2011 Awards that recognise outstanding performance across a range of categories.

AVCAL CEO Dr Katherine Woodthorpe said the role of private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) participants in helping smaller and medium-sized companies grow and in funding and guiding start-up companies to develop new products and services is not well understood.

“There are so many success stories of companies that have been backed by private equity and venture capital funds and the AVCAL Awards are one measure to recognise the important work being done by this industry,” she said.

“Many small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures with potential find it difficult to obtain funding and the PE and VC industry looks to take on this sort of risk where others traditionally will not.”

A panel of industry experts will assess nominations from AVCAL members across two award categories: portfolio company awards and the excellence in investor reporting award.

The portfolio company awards recognise vision, achievement, creativity and entrepreneurship of AVCAL fund manager members, who are collectively responsible for $31 billion of funds under management. The categories for these awards are for investments in early stage, expansion stage, small buy-out, medium buy-out and large buy-out. Judging criteria will be on value-add by the fund manager, financial performance, returns to investors, innovation, industry competitiveness, and overall contribution to the economy.

The investor reporting award recognises fund managers for their excellence in reporting by assessing their adherence to the AVCAL reporting guidelines to exceed investor expectation and other attributes such as clarity and depth of information. This award aims to promote a continual lifting of reporting standards as well as the benchmarks by which the industry is measured.

Award winners will be announced at the AVCAL 2011 Annual Conference in September.

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