AVCAL opens research prizes for 2011

10 June 2011

The Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCAL) is calling for submissions for two research prizes in a bid to promote high-quality and rigorous analysis of the private equity and venture capital industry in Australia.

AVCAL CEO Dr Katherine Woodthorpe said: “AVCAL started the prizes last year to encourage the development of high-quality research on issues of importance and relevance to the Australian private equity and venture capital industry.

“The aim is to increase knowledge and understanding of the industry through the publication of pertinent articles in the scholarly press, and we had such a fantastic response last year we decided to keep the prizes going.”

Submissions are invited from academia and industry participants for two prizes:

  • AVCAL Private Equity Research Prize: A$2,500 will be awarded for the best paper on private equity
  • AVCAL Venture Capital Research Prize: A$2,500 will be awarded for the best paper on venture capital.

AVCAL Research Manager Dr Kar Mei Tang said private equity and venture capital are often not well understood by the general public because of the shortage of objective, evidence-based research on the industry.

"Being able to help promote and generate further analysis of the PE and VC industry is important to help foster greater awareness of the economic role our industry plays,” she said. “An example is the fact that the majority of private equity and venture capital investments are actually in small and medium-sized Australian enterprises looking for non-bank capital to expand further. Many people do not realise how PE and VC help fund and develop dynamic companies, services and products."

Criteria for the prizes include the provision of new and useful insights into PE and VC. This may include empirical studies on the economic effects of PE and VC investment, case studies, or other study aspects such as the effects of PE and VC ownership on growth and innovation in investee companies, and the impact of public policies on VC financing and commercialisation.

Further information is available from the AVCAL website.

Media contact: Stuart Snell ph +61 (0)2 8243 7001, (0)416 650 906, stuart.snell@avcal.com.au.