Professional Development

There are three different types of professional development available for AVCAL stakeholders including, introductory, focus and master class programs.

Sub categories:

  • PE101

    Our PE101 program is an entry level education program that has been run successfully for many years and is delivered to approximately 150 people annually over a two and a half hour session.

    An experienced private equity practitioner also participates in the delivery of the program through presenting a real-life case study which brings context to the theory.

    Attendees for the course can range from corporate service providers to the industry, investors, support staff from private equity firms, and any person wanting to understand more about private equity as an asset class. 

    There is no pre-requisite knowledge required to attend.

    The course is delivered in Sydney and in Melbourne and upon demand in other regions.

    PE101 event series partner

    About Crowe Horwath Corporate Finance

    Today’s market conditions have caused numerous complexities in buy-side or sell-side transactions. Market trends, earnings and quality concerns, key operational integration aspects and people and culture all require a closer look to uncover the real value and inherent risks of these dealings.

    The Corporate Finance team at Crowe Horwath Australia provide a focused and flexible approach to transactions based on the specific needs of strategic buyers, private equity firms and lenders.

    Crowe Horwath’s fully integrated and cost effective approach includes:

    • Lead advisory: Crowe Horwath’s Corporate Finance team can help you assess the strategic fit of a business by evaluating potential synergies, project-managing the transaction and assisting in negotiations.
    • Business valuation: Both before and after business acquisition, Crowe Horwath will help you determine the right price by taking into account market conditions, alternative deal structures, competing opportunities and intellectual property.
    • Due diligence assessment before the deal: Crowe Horwath provides both sell-side and buy-side due diligence. Our team of experts can help you analyse value and detect weaknesses and strengths in financials, operations, and people and culture, and investigate assets, capabilities, processes and technologies.
    • Deal structure optimisation: Crowe Horwath provides advice on structuring transactions while taking into consideration the accounting, tax, and capital implications.
    • Achieving value post close: Crowe Horwath’s Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) integration advisors can assist strategic buyers and private equity groups to realise M&A value or M&A return on investment (ROI) in the first 100 days of the acquisition. This is done by helping to set integration strategy, identifying financial and operational synergies, managing communication and change, developing detailed plans to address administrative and synergy targets and executing the plan in the first 100 days after close.

    With a commitment to identifying and communicating issues in a deeply tailored manner, Crowe Horwath’s team of Corporate Finance experts will ensure you are provided with the flexibility in timing, scope and deliverables that your unique transaction requires. Supported by parent company in Findex, Crowe Horwath will draw upon a suite of best of breed service offerings as and when required, seeing that all of your financial requirements are ultimately taken care of.