AVCAL Monthly Newsletter

16 April 2012

We are sad to inform you that Dr Andrew Baker died on 25 March after a long battle with neurosarcoma, a relatively rare form of cancer. Andrew worked with us at GBS since 2002 where he was a much loved member of our team. Andrew dealt with his illness with incredible bravery and good grace. He was still working at GBS and with the companies of which he was a director just a week before he died. He was an understated man, with a wicked sense of humour, which we all enjoyed immensely.

Andrew had an incredible breadth of knowledge across many fields of science. After a distinguished scientific research career, Andrew turned to biotech venture capital where he combined a passion for improving patient outcomes with deep scientific insight and sound business judgement. As an investor, Andrew managed to bring everyone around to his way of thinking without conflict via the quality of his thinking, and his calm but deliberate style.

Andrew successfully identified great medical technologies and helped build companies to deliver them to patients. His legacy includes essential roles in bringing multiple new medical therapies to human clinical trials and developing products which have the potential to treat major global diseases such as cancer, neuropathic pain, acute pain, dermatology, diabetes, and depression. Andrew was a leading light in Australian biotechnology, helping bring together the best science, management, finance and clinical development to develop new medicines and therapeutic devices.

Andrew was a cherished friend and colleague who will be sadly missed.

Donations: In lieu of flowers, donations to the Australasian Sarcoma Study Group would be greatly appreciated. Please note Andrew Baker as the bequest: http://www.australiansarcomagroup.org/support-sarcoma-research.html

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