State of Play Down Under - interview

21st Dec 11

US-based private equity digitial news service Privcap interviews AVCAL CEO Katherine Woodthorpe about industry trends in Australia.

Australia is by far the most mature private equity market in the Asia Pacific region and the Australian economy is looming large as a major private equity investment opportunity over the long term. Not only is there sustained interest from investors around the world in participating in the growth of Australia’s private businesses, but private equity fund managers are intrigued by Australia’s vast network of superannuation funds and other potential limited partners. To get a better understanding of the Australian private equity opportunity today, Privcap spoke with Katherine Woodthorpe, chief executive of the Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (AVCAL).

Topics of discussion include:

  • Does Australia even need foreign private capital what with its robust domestic equity and private equity markets?
  • How does Australia fit into the broader Asia-Pacific economic growth story?
  • What are some challenges with the way the private equity is understood by the Australian media and policymakers, and what is AVCAL doing to challenge stereotypes?
  • What do non-Australian GPs need to know about the Australian fundraising market?
  • What is the Australian government doing to boost venture capital and innovation locally?

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