Medical Research Future Fund announces its priorities

25th Nov 16

The Medical Research Advisory Board (MRAB) recently announced a list of priorities which will guide the funding decisions made by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) – an endowment fund providing financial grants to support health and medical research and innovation.

AVCAL’s Yasser El-Ansary is a member of the Medical Research Advisory Board and therefore will play an instrumental role in ensuring the MRFF is an essential part of the health system investing in prevention research through to clinical application.

After a thorough consultation process, which included written submissions, public forums, webinars and roundtables, both the Strategy and Priorities have now been set.  

The Strategy is a five year vision for the MRFF outlining the investment platforms that will impact the health of Australians, the sustainability of the system itself and the capacity of the research sector.

The Priorities have a two year focus and provide guidance to the Government on program level investments which fall in line with the Strategy. A detailed outline of both can be found on the MRFF website.

When it comes to priorities, the two of most relevant to AVCAL members would be regarding investment in data and infrastructure and commercialisation.

Strategic platform: Data and infrastructure

Priority: Clinical quality registries – Provide start-up investment in disease or therapy-focused clinical registries supported by a national framework to maximise interoperability and value of research to clinical practice.

Strategic platform: Commercialisation

Biomedical translation – through the Biomedical Translation Fund, seek out matched private capital to invest via licensed fund managers in pre-clinical to early clinical translation of research of commercial value. 

AVCAL members can continue to contribute to the MRFF’s work through Yasser. Please get in touch with him directly if you have any feedback you would like to share.