Committees & Working Groups

AVCAL Stakeholder Committees and Working Groups have been established to examine industry issues and provide specific strategic advice and recommendations to the AVCAL Council and AVCAL CEO on matters pertaining to private equity and venture capital in Australia.

Stakeholder Committees

Small groups Chaired by a Council member that provide specific strategic advice to Council and secretariat to examine industry issues. These committees also provide our working groups with guidance.

  • LP engagement group
  • Large Buyout Stakeholder Committee
  • Venture Capital Stakeholder Committee
  • Growth Funds Stakeholder Committee

Special Project Working Groups

Nimble groups that can move quickly to deliver industry initiatives or lend voice to advocacy.These special issue groups also provide advice to Council on a wide range of specific issues. Commissioned by Council, Chaired by a Council member or Member but can invite other experts to join as needs be.

  • Tax Working Group

Member Engagement Working Groups

Chaired by a Council member and delivers benefits and value via the following member services groups.

  • Member Benefits Working Group
  • Conference Working Group
  • Diversity Working Group