Who we are

The Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) is a national association which represents the private equity and venture capital industries. AVCAL's members comprise most of the active private equity and venture capital firms in Australia. These firms provide capital for early stage companies, later stage expansion capital, and capital for management buyouts of established companies.

AVCAL members build better businesses

The investment model used by the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry supports the building of stronger businesses that can deliver sustainable increases in enterprise value over the long-term.

AVCAL's core objective

To ensure that the business community and other key stakeholders understand the benefits of the private capital model of business ownership, and the role that it can play in contributing to investment and employment growth across the Australian economy.


Read about what we've achieved during 2016 by viewing our interactive Annual Report. Alternatively, download the 2016 Annual Report.

Policy & Advocacy Investor Engagement Connected Community
Boost awareness and recognition of the PE / VC private capital model as a mainstream investment option, which contributes to the building of a stronger Australian economy. Build on the level of engagement with existing investors into PE / VC funds, and provide relevant information to assist the industry to build relationships with new investors domestically and internationally. Foster a connected private capital community that comes together to enhance knowledge and skills for the benefit of member organisations.
Strategic Focus
  • Engage directly with government, media and other business groups on issues of economic and industry policy to contribute to the formulation and development of policy proposals for the business sector.
  • Collaborate with other PE / VC industry bodies globally to share insight and experience, and to identify opportunities to harmonise policy and regulatory settings across jurisdictions to the greatest extent possible.
  • Create forums and tools to enable PE / VC to communicate the success stories of private capital investment and in doing so, help to transition the industry towards being seen as a mainstream part of the broader financial system.
  • Engage directly with investor decision makers (eg. CIOs, Trustees) to improve awareness of private capital opportunities.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive metrics to support whole of industry level performance measurement of PE/ VC funds.
  • Create opportunities for Australian PE / VC funds to engage with domestic and offshore investors to promote the benefits of Australia as an attractive investment destination.
  • Develop and maintain a targeted portfolio of high-impact industry events that support the core focus of PE / VC funds, and which deliver value to existing and new participants in the industry.
  • Partner with members of the industry to create knowledge sharing and networking opportunities that promote a positive professional culture.
  • Disseminate timely industry-relevant information updates through key channels such as the annual conference, periodic communications as well as on-line and social media.