As the voice of private capital in Australia, we create a prominent, single voice for our industry and advocate on behalf of our members. We effectively collaborate with government to shape policies that boost investment in Australian businesses and engage with media and key stakeholders to tell the story of private capital. Here are some of our achievements over the past year.


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Leading policy, advocacy and research work

The work we have done to proactively represent the industry with government and regulators has never been more important than it is right now. On top of our work in key areas of investment, innovation and taxation policy, over recent months we have led the conversation with government about the impact of key reforms such as the temporary changes to the foreign investment policy framework, and access to the JobKeeper Program for eligible businesses. The Council’s work in these areas – alongside work done to establish the foreign investment exemption certificate regime – has had a significant positive effect on the position of the private capital industry today.

Just yesterday, the Council launched an important economic policy statement on behalf of the industry to assist the government in re-starting the national economy in the months ahead. Titled Roadmap to Recovery: Creating A Stronger and More Dynamic Economy, the statement will serve as the foundation for our work agenda with government in the months ahead, supported by the high-quality research data contained in the 2020 Preqin & Australian Investment Council Yearbook.

Industry relevant professional development and networking

Another way we have continued to support the industry this year is through the relaunch of our highly-regarded PE101 program, which features brand new content and highly-experienced industry practitioners delivering an immersive education experience for new entrants to the private capital industry. In recent weeks, we also launched an online webinar version of the program – the first time that PE101 has been delivered digitally to participants since its creation almost 20 years ago.

Work is being done right now to relaunch the VC101 program in the second-half of 2020. The Council’s Board of Directors is also working closely with the Chief Executive to look at the viability of a brand new Foundations of Private Capital program as well. We’ll have more exciting news to share about this in coming months.

During 2020 we also successfully launched our new networking platform for the next generation of leaders across our industry. The Emerging Leaders Connect series features guest speakers sharing insights and experience to help build meaningful business relationships and career success for investment professionals across the industry.

Boosting the industry’s diversity and inclusion scorecard

Boosting gender diversity and inclusion across private capital is one of the Council’s most important long-term initiatives on behalf of the industry. In this past year we reaffirmed our commitment to the case for change by assembling our first-ever Champions of Change Program, comprised of 11 senior leaders across the industry who will help to advance the pace and breadth of change in key areas. This program supports ongoing work through the mentoring program, as well as the use of industry role models to expand the diversity of new talent joining the industry.

Continue supporting the growth of private capital this year

This year, we are very pleased to be able to keep fees across all categories of our membership unchanged from 2019 levels. In addition, we also understand that the recent economic slow-down has impacted all of our member firms in different ways, which is why are offering a 15% pay-on-time discount for memberships renewed by 1 July 2020.

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