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Risk Capital Advisors

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Rick Glover, Managing Director
M: +61 401 123 235

Guy Miller, Director
M: +61 430 906 230

Andrew Stubbings, Director
M: +61 400 143 046

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Risk Capital Advisors

Who we are

Risk Capital Advisors (RCA) is the market leader in advising on and negotiating transaction insurance and alternative risk transfer solutions. With the largest and most experienced team in Asia Pacific and an impressive track record of closing transactions, the RCA team provides knowledgeable and commercial advice on a range of transaction risk strategies and solutions. RCA has a combined 25 years of M&A and insurance experience and is the preferred advisor to structure transactional risk insurance for your next transaction.

The transaction risks that RCA typically provides advice on include:

• Warranties & Indemnities
• Tax
• Litigation
• Prospectus Liability
• Environmental
• Contingent Liabilities

The RCA team members have successfully advised on and closed more transactions in Asia Pacific (measured both in deal size and volume of transactions) than all other insurance advisers combined and by a significant margin. In the past 5 years, the RCA team have closed more than 175 transactions in Australasia and 25 transactions in Asia.