Pacific Road Capital

Pacific Road Capital

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Louis Rozman
Level 23, 1 Alfred Street, Sydney NSW 2000
T: 61 2 9241 1000

Lee Graber
San Francisco, USA
T: 1 415 785 8676

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Pacific Road Capital

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Mining Investment Fund

Supporting the Global Mining Industry

Pacific Road Capital Mangement (PRCM) is a US$320 million Sydney-based fund. PRCM provides development, expansion and buy-out capital for mining projects, mining services and mining related Infrastructure. PRCM provides capital as a direct investor or joint venture partner, at both the company and project level.

PRCM is developing a portfolio of private and public equity investments across a broad range of commodities in a number of different countries. The PRCM team comprises experienced professionals that have extensive knowledge and skills in the mining sector. PRCM can enhance your prospects for long-term success as a strategic partner providing capital, business expertise, operating experience and access to networks and resources.

For further information on PRCM and our Investment Portfolio please visit our website per below.