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AVCAL is the peak national body representing the interests of the private equity and venture capital industries in Australia.

By becoming an AVCAL member, you will join one of around 170 member organisations benefiting from representation by a single industry voice, access to broad networking opportunities and access to important industry data and research.

Specific membership benefits are as follows:

  • Invites to attend AVCAL networking and professional development programs and events including the annual alpha conference, at preferential member pricing
  • Access to member-only special reports and information via your online user profile
  • Access to key industry research and statistics
  • Opportunity to join the Partners' Program to expand your brand, networking and access to resources
  • Option to use the AVCAL logo on your website to promote the link between your organisation and ours (excludes individual members)
  • Representation by a body that is committed to developing best-practice policies and standards to meet members’ needs.

"We value our firm's AVCAL membership because it enables us to plug directly into the industry, network, keep up to date about ongoing and emerging issues and trends, access research and statistics and to promote ourselves among our peers." AVCAL Member, Member Satisfaction Survey.

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Obligations of membership

By becoming a member of AVCAL, you agree to:

Membership fees

  • Fees are calculated on the financial year 1 July - 30 June
  • Membership fees must be paid up in full to receive access to member benefits including conference
  • All fees quoted include GST and are quoted in Australian dollars
  • Pro-rata membership is available
Membership type Allowable paying conference delegates* 13/14
All applications are subject to approval Incl GST

Business angel

High net worth individuals (or groups) who invest in unlisted Australian and New Zealand companies.

2 1,437


Organisations that provide assistance to entrepreneurs who wish to establish a business.

2 1,437
Not-for-profit Superannuation Funds Complimentary 525

Institutional Investor (including fund of fund)

Provide capital to PE and VC managers.

Unlimited 1,720

Government (including research and educational institution)

Government departments or teaching/research institutions.

2 1,785

Small Corporate

Typically one office, usually a small team of up to two people dedicated to service provision to VC and PE.

2 3,000


Typically has more than one office nationally and/or global offices.

8 12,500

Corporate Partner (new in 13/14)

Membership as per Corporate with sponsorship benefits.

Per agreement Per agreement

First Fund Raise (new in 13/14)

An organisation who are in the process of raising their first fund (minimum fund size AUD15 million).

2 3,000

Corporate Venture Fund (new in 13/14)

A corporate who invests solely from their own balance sheet rather than from external investors.

2 5,000

Investor members (FUM)

Manage more than $15 million, as principal, or agent, and invest primarily in unlisted Australian and New Zealand companies.

15-50 million Unlimited 3,440
51-100 million Unlimited 8,027
101-250 million Unlimited 13,759
251-500 million Unlimited 17,199
501-750 million (previously 501-1000 million) Unlimited 24,255
751-1000 million (previously 501-1000 million) Unlimited 28,000
1001-1250 million (previously >1000 million) Unlimited 30,000
1251-1500 million (previously >1000 million) Unlimited 35,000
1501-2000 million (previously >1000 million) Unlimited 40,000
>2001 million (previously >1000 million) Unlimited 45,000

*This allows the membership to send the allowable number of paying delegates to AVCAL Conference. Membership does not include conference registration.

Two easy steps to apply for membership

  1. Apply via our online application form below
  2. Once you’ve received your approval by email you will then be able to login to complete your detailed profile and access the payment gateway to finalise your membership.

Your benefits will commence once the payment has been finalised.

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