The Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) is a national association which represents the private equity and venture capital industries. AVCAL's members comprise most of the active private equity and venture capital firms in Australia. These firms provide capital for early stage companies, later stage expansion capital, and capital for management buyouts of established companies.

Our objective

To facilitate an environment where PE and VC can flourish, through advocating on behalf of the industry and providing members with skills and networks.

Key priorities

We have set key priorities for 2013-14 to help us achieve this objective. These include:

  1. Support the development of effective collective investment vehicles
  2. Assist to create increased engagement with LPs
  3. Help develop a sustainable VC sector
  4. Contribute to improved perceptions of PE and VC

See a summary of what we have achieved on these priorities.

Link to Looking for Capital

AVCAL is an industry association, we do not provide capital. If you are looking for capital, please check our detailed information via the Looking for Capital link above.

AVCAL is an associate member of the IGCC. Link to IGCC

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