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  • BLOG: Understanding private equity governance

    Author: Yasser El-Ansary, Chief Executive, AVCAL Introducing strong governance and expert boards to portfolio companies is at the heart of how private equity firms return value for their investors. With over $25bn in assets under management, the private equity (PE) industry is an important steward of a large slice of Australia’s capital. Because of that, the industry takes seriously its commitment to good governance in the management of companies and funds. “Effective corporate governance structures are as essential to value creation in the PE industry as they are in any other type of industry,” the…

  • BLOG: Investing in the pipeline of biomedical research

    Author: Dr Noel Chambers, CEO, National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation Investing in the pipeline of biomedical research to deliver socio economic benefits It has been 17 years since the Wills report The Virtuous Cycle: Working Together for Health and Medical Research was released in 1999. Around the time of the release the Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering And Innovation Council noted: “The Review envisions a mutually reinforcing “virtuous cycle” whereby the research community, industry and government work together to deliver improved quality of life for all Australians, a cost-effective and equitable health system…

  • 9 insights from the final day of the AVCAL alpha conference 2016

    You want to walk away from a conference energised and full of new ideas—and that’s certainly what happened yesterday at the final day of the AVCAL alpha conference in Melbourne. Here is a collection of some of the highpoints of the day. Venture capital is the way in to ‘new’ industries in China. Raphael Arndt, chief investment officer at the Future Fund, says it is increasing its access to online retail, tourism, agriculture and healthcare in China via venture capital funds as listed equities are more tilted towards ‘old’ China…

  • AVCAL annual award recipients 2016

  • alpha 2016: PE and VC showcase strong returns

    Private equity has been the top performing asset class for one of Australia’s leading retirement and super fund over the last decade. “It has been our top performing asset class for a ten-year period,” said Ian Patrick, chief investment officer at SunSuper. “The high returns net of fees show value for money and there is no dispute about that.” Patrick’s team invest 6.2 per cent of SunSuper’s overall portfolios into private equity funds both here and overseas. While he noted that the return had been pleasing he said…

  • Big step forward for fast-growth SME businesses

  • AVCAL media release - Biomedical Translation Fund

  • BLOG: Transforming science into business opportunities

    Author: Joanne Varcoe, Marketing Manager, AVCAL Transforming science into business opportunities Where does Australia sit on the global stage in terms of innovation and technological advancement? How can private equity and venture capital do more to support innovation for the greater social good? These are among the questions that Biomedical Engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen will explore at AVCAL’s 23rd annual alpha conference in Melbourne on 31 August – 1 September 2016. With a mission to improve the lives of as many people as possible, Jordan designs life-changing solutions using technologies that focus on intelligent, futuristic and inclusive…

  • AVCAL media release: New Ministry

  • Submission: Disclosure of Historical Financial Information

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